About Us

Biking is the new way of travelling, challenges and exploring nature in the world recently. It is also the best way to explore local life, to meet locals at their home and getting to know people from over the world. Vietnam Backroads offers you a wide variety of bike trips which allows you to escape the crowds from touristy destinations and bike deeply into countryside; witness everyday life through the eyes of local Vietnamese and experience particular scenery on real back roads of Vietnam and Cambodia.

We offer tailor-made, unique cycling routes and you can choose different level cycle routes. Our bike trips are special because they are individually tailored for each different group of riders and they can also be tailored the way you want. We are also specializing in meeting the needs of small groups – think family, work group or just a couple of mates!

The truly magical thing about our cycling vacations is that our fully supported A/C van/bus will accompany you on entire trip. Tours vary as to the ratio off on- and off- road riding, but remember our flexibility is the key here – you want more dirt, you get more dirt!