Chau Doc

Mekong Cycling Tours - Chau Doc to Ho Chi Minh

Chau Đoc is a border town, in An Giang Province, boundary to Cambodia in the west, Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. The town is located by the Hau Giang River- Lower branch and its about 250 kilometres west of Ho Chi Minh City. It takes about six hours to travel by bus from Ho Chi Minh City. Its considered as smuggling town. Smugglers use high-speed boats to transport goods from Cambodia to An Giang city via Chau Doc town. Chau Doc is a getway to Cambodia, especially those overlanding between Vietnam and neighbouring Cambodia as it is the launching point for the speedboat service between here and Phnom Penh. Places to visit: Tra Su nature reserve forest, Sam Mountain is the highest mountain in the Mekong Delta, Muslim village with its houses on stilts and Signs in Arabic on the walls. Vietnam Backroads offer many bike trips Chau Doc to Ho Chi Minh.