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How to get to Con Dao Island?

A new destination with stunning beaches are waiting for you! If you are looking long sandy beaches with clear blue water, coming to Con Dao , exploring nature sites, stunning beaches and visiting historical sites are definitely a best for you. Most attractive beaches of Con Dao such as; Bai Dat Doc, Lo Voi, An Hai, Bai Suoi Nong, Bai Dam Trau will bring you to an unspoiled natural scenery covered with bushy woodland and rocky mountains. These beaches are suitable for guests traveling with family and kids since it is easier to reach than others. Besides, Con Dao National Park is the only place in the country where both forest and marine life are conserved. Famous for its wild beauty, the floral system in Con Dao National Park is extremely rich with over 882 species of plants and 150 species of animals. Biking Mekong Delta Vietnam

The Mekong Delta, as a region, lies immediately to the west of Saigon, roughly forming a triangle stretching from My Tho in the east to Chau Doc and Ha Tien in the northwest, down to Ca Mau at the southernmost tip of Vietnam, and including the island of Phu Quoc. Mekong Bike Tours. The Mekong Delta region of Vietnam displays a variety of physical landscapes, but is dominated by flat flood plains in the south, with a few hills in the north and west. This diversity of terrain was largely the product of tectonic uplift and folding brought about by the collision of the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates about 50 million years ago. The soil of the lower Delta consists mainly of sediment from the Mekong and its tributaries, deposited over thousands of years as the river changed its course due to the flatness of the low-lying terrain.

The present Mekong Delta system has two major distributary channels, both discharging directly into the East Sea. The Holocene history of the Mekong Delta shows delta progradation of about 200 km during thousands years. During the Middle Holocene the Mekong River was discharging waters into both the East Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. The water entering the Gulf of Thailand was flowing via a palaeochannel located within the western part of the delta; north of the Camau Peninsula. Upper Pleistocene prodeltaic and delta front sediments interpreted as the deposits of the palaeo-Mekong River where reported from central basin of the Gulf of Thailand

The Mekong Delta is Vietnam's rice baskets and its really flat land so cyclists of different levels can join any of our tours without worrying too much about not being in top shape. In fact, the Mekong Delta region would have to be one of the most user-friendly biking locations you could ever imagine! That makes it a fantastic location for a family or a group of friends to enjoy the time of their lives whilst touring in an ecologically sustainable way! By staying off main roads and travelling only on paths, dirt tracks and country backroads, we aim to give you a unique opportunity to smell, touch and taste the real Mekong Delta on countryside back roads. You will have a chance to meet a lot of real locals who aren't trying to sell you something! Years of research and constant refinement of our product has led us to where we are today, where we can offer you well organized, top quality bike trips and the best service, at highly competitive prices. We are 100% confident that you will love our tours, because we at Vietnam Backroads are a local tour company, the cycle path finders and planners, and we take great pride in our product. We tailor-design countryside bike tours and will bring you through scenic villages, green rice paddy fields,  stunning scenery and local markets. On unique cycling routes that take you along tracks, trails, paths and backroads which you will not find on traditional maps or on the internet, all the while being aware of the individual needs of all of the members of the group. Whether you’re a vegan, or suffer from a food allergy, or just need a rest in the air-conditioned van for a minute, we’ve got your back! We take you to explore places that are totally off the tourist track, and give you the opportunity to experience the real Vietnam for yourself.