Biking from Ho Chi Minh

Biking from Saigon to Hanoi 14D/13N

We have designed this tour for those who want to combine a backroads biking adventure with visits to many of Vietnam' most noteworthy sites. The tour visits five of the seven Vietnamese UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Hoi An Ancient Town, the Hue Citadel, and My Son Sanctuary are on the nine day biking portion of the tour, which begins in the Central Plateau around Dalat. From there, it rolls down to the Coastal Plain, and then meanders up, down and along roads, paths and trails to Phong Nha. Visits to the beautiful Paradise and Dark caves in this area show why UNESCO chose to add it to its list. An overnight cruise on the fifth site, Ha Long Bay, is an excursion which all visitors to Vietnam should experience. This tour will give a broad cross-section of the culture, geography, and history of our country.

The best coastal back road bike tour 12 days/11 nights

Day 01: HCM - Phan Thiet
Day 02: Phan Thiet - Phan Rang
Day 03: Phan Rang - Nha Trang
Day 04: Nha Trang - on beach
Day 05: Nha Trang - Quy Nhon
Day 06: Quy Nhon - Quang Ngai
Day 07: Quang Ngai - Hoi An
Day 08: Hoi An - My Son
Day 09: Hoi An - Hue
Day 10: Hue - Ha Noi
Day 11: Ha Noi - Ha Long
Day 12: Ha Long - Ha Noi

Biking 4 days/3 nights from HCM - Phan Thiet

Day 01: HCM - Nam Cat Tien
Day 02: Nam Cat Tien - Dalat
Day 03: Half-day Mountain biking
Day 04: Dalat - Phan Thiet

Biking 4 days/3 nights HCM -Dalat - Nha Trang

Day 01: HCM - Nam Cat Tien
Day 02: Nam Cat Tien - Dalat
Day 03: Dalat mountain biking
Day 04: Dalat - Nha Trang

Biking to Nam Cat Tien 2D/1N

Cat Tien National Park is estimated as the reserve of natural resources in Vietnam with lots of rare, specious and endemic genes of fauna and flora, as plentiful site for scientists, domestic and foreign tourists.

Biking 12D/11N - HCM to MEKONG DELTA to Ha Noi

We organize cycling adventures that connect two of the nation's most important cities - Saigon and Hanoi by mountain biking. Our adventurous tours are great and economical way to see Vietnam. Meet friendly locals, and witness first-hand how they earn a living. Exchange cultural differences face-to-face on bike with us - Explore coastal roads, sandy beaches, ancient towm and World Hesitage sites by bicycle!

Biking Saigon - Hue - Hanoi 13D/12N

Day 01: Saigon - Cu Chi
Day 02: Saigon - Dalat 
Day 03: Dalat - Nha Trang
Day 04: Nha Trang city tour
Day 05: Nha Trang – Qui Nhon 
Day 06: Qui Nhon – Quang Ngai 
Day 07: Quang Ngai – Hoi An 
Day 08: Hoi An - My Son 
Day 09: Hoi An - Hue 
Day 10: Hue - Hanoi
Day 11: Hanoi city tour 
Day 12: Hanoi - Ha Long
Day 13: Ha Long - Hanoi

Biking 8D/7N, Saigon - Central highland - Stunning beaches - Hoi An

We built this trip to aim at to experienced cyclists who love to challenge hills, to use cycling skills on single tracks and challenge a ride with long distance on hilly back roads. You’ll enjoy smooth back roads and dirty road with meadow areas overlooking Lak lake and mountains. Throughout the trip, you can enjoy particular scenery, meet minority people, enjoy break taking views, stunning beaches and Hoi An ancient town all the way from seaside areas to central highland.

Biking to Cu Chi tunnel

The tunnels of Cu Chi were built over a period of 25 years that began sometime in the late 1940s. The Viet Minh built the first dugouts and tunnels during the war against the French but It had become famous when Viet Cong against the American.

Biking HCM to HOI AN 5 days/ 4 nights

Day 01: Saigon - Dalat 
Day 02: Dalat - Nha Trang 
Day 03: Nha Trang – Qui Nhon 
Day 04: Quy Nhon – Quang Ngai 
Day 05: Quang Ngai – Hoi An 

Cycling SAIGON to HOI AN 6 days/ 5 nights

Day 01- HCM - Phan Thiet 
Day 02- Phan Thiet – Phan Rang 
Day 03: Phang Rang - Nha Trang 
Day 04: Nha Trang – Qui Nhon 
Day 05: Qui Nhon – Quang Ngai 
Day 06: Quang Ngai – Hoi An